Selected Presentations {*=invited}


"On the Varieties of Aesthetic Autonomy"

Past talks

"On the Varieties of Aesthetic Autonomy"

"Conflicted Aesthetic Aspirants"


"Art Collections as Objects of Critical Appreciation"

"Is new aesthetic value-acquisition rational?"

"Akrasia and the Structure of Aesthetic Rationality" 

"Aesthetic Akrasia and Agency"

“Non-Standard Emotions and Aesthetic Understanding”

"Art Appreciation: whether you like it or not." 

"Towards a New Emotional Story for Aesthetics"

“Intellectual Emotions and Aesthetic Understanding”

“Appreciating Reflective Emotions in Art”

“The Artist’s Word: Artistic Intentions and Emotional Understanding” 

 “Understanding (without) Feeling. The Case of Nostalgic Expression” 

 “Remembering Seymour Glass: Nostalgia as an Aesthetic Emotion”. 


As commentator:

On Quinn White (Harvard) “Beautiful, Troubling Art: Non-Summative Aesthetic Judgment”

Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop, Chapel Hill 14-16 April 2023.

On Rob Hopkin (NYU) "Aesthetic Engagement, Imagining and the Draw of the Real"

Workshop Aesthetic Practices, Uppsala University, 10 January 2020 (Zoom).

On Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland) "Aesthetic Properties Through Thick and Thin"

Uppsala University, November 2019.

On Nick Riggle (University of San Diego) "Invitation and Aesthetic Communication"

Uppsala University, March 2019.

On Christine Tappolet (Université de Montréal) Emotions, Values and Agency (Oxford UP, 2016).

 Workshop Philosophy of Emotions, Uppsala University, April 2018.